My Story

Matthew is a portrait photographer who has a passion for telling stories. He currently resides in New York, but loves to take every opportunity to travel the globe to capture the moment. Portrait photography is Matthew's primary focus. However, landscape photography has always been a staple to his work. Through trial and error, Matthew was able to develop his own style of photography which he is proud to present. 
The thrill of storytelling through photography has always been what drives Matthew to continuously press the shutter. While his journey has not always been uphill with photography, that's what makes it beautiful. Rather than just seeing the end result, the moments between the start and end of the project is the story Matthew enjoys the most.
Now stop reading and go through my memory lane.​​​​​​​
Camera Gear:
* Camera Body: Sony A7 RIII *
* Lens: Rokinon 85mm AF F1.4 *
Lens: Sony 50mm AF F1.8
Lens: Sony 35mm AF F1.8
BackPack: Wandrd PRVKE V.2
Editing Software: Adobe (Everything)
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